Friday, July 23, 2010

First foray

One of the first times I played, I joined as an assistant and went through the training guide (mentioned in the first post), breaking open the walls and other random acts of vandalism, trying to get to grips with the controls.

After a while, there was a call from Genetics, looking for volunteers. I decided that I didn’t have anything better to do so I opened up my map and headed over there. There were two geneticists there and were very pleased to have a willing participant to experiment on. In character, they asked me to get in a piece of machinery and they ran a series of tests on me. After asking me a bunch of questions relating to my health and family diseases (hard to answer when I’m just a few pixels tall), they said I was finished and could get out of the machine. Next thing I know, I was standing next to a non-speaking clone of me! They were really pleased and made a load more and exclaimed how they were going to dress them up in lab coats!

On another game, I entered via the docking station (as normal when you join a game halfway through) and went to leave. On the other side of the door were what looked like alien facehuggers. Sure enough, one jumped on me, the screen went black and I awoke a few minutes later. The place was in chaos; blood splatters everywhere, people running around firing weapons etc. I decided to head out of the area, when to my surprise, I was informed that my character wasn’t feeling too well. He collapsed and I was now in control of a chest burster sitting on top of my fresh corpse! Not sure what to do, I went down the hall and got cornered by a security guard who shot me with his pistol! Game over for me!

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