Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rogue cyborg

Just a quick one – played as the roboticist recently right at the start of a round. Teamed up with a colleague and we decided that I’d work on the cyborg chassis and he’d go to security to get a stun baton and riot helmet so he could make a securitron to help out ship security. I’d just about finished when he came back empty handed complaining that security was a joke today (I think they tried to lock him up).

Anyway, a cyborg (not of our making) had broken into the genetics lab and was trying to murder the scientists in there. We called for security to come help (they didn’t) and for the AI to shut them down. Turns out, the AI had been destroyed and this cyborg decided he’d end all life now that he was free from his AI overlord. As roboticists, it was our duty to shut the cyborg down. Unfortunately, we didn’t have access to the genetics lab and when security did finally turn up, the cyborg had welded the doors shut.

Out came the toolboxes to try to break into the lab to rescue the scientists. Welders, wrenches, screwdrivers and crowbars helped us to eventually break through the wall that connected the robotics lab to the genetics lab. Alas, we were too late, the cyborg had fled down access shafts and a scientist lay dead.

Breaking into the genetics lab - too late!

A little later, I notice my colleague lying dead in the middle of the medical labs. Not sure the reason, nor wanting to report this to the crap security, I naturally dragged his lifeless body onto my surgical table and removed his brain. He would’ve wanted it this way.

Cyborg 210 was alive! He thanked me and explained that he’d found a pill that he decided to eat “in the name of science” which killed him. And he vowed to hunt down the person who was dealing in killer drugs.

My colleague, now a cyborg

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  1. Sounds like a superhero's origin story.