Friday, July 30, 2010

Officer Beepsky to the rescue.

I've been experimenting with Security Officer for a while. That means I'm subordinate to the head of security, the head of personnel and of course, the captain.

One particular time I was playing, I was the only security member playing, attempting to keep the peace. The round was traitor and I watched someone get knocked out in the middle of the hallway for what seemed like no reason. I had heard of cloaking devices before but had no experience with them, let alone knew how to combat such things. I'm sure there's some thermal goggles or something around but I didn't have a clue where to get them from. Besides, I wasn't sure if it was a cloak or if lag just made me miss the guy running away. I checked down the halls and couldn't find anyone. I shook the unconscious guy awake but he didn't say anything of importance so I went on my merry way.

A little later in the game, I went into security and the cloaking guy must've followed me in because I got knocked out by an invisible baton. I was especially worried when he stuffed me into the garbage disposal chute.

Notice the garbage disposal chute below the table

Now I've used these before when playing as the roboticist and disposing of the "willing" subject's remains but as far as I knew, I was about to be chopped into tiny pieces and thrown out into space. Luckly enough, I flew down a chute and ended up in a little room I'd never seen before, stuck on a conveyor belt and trapped behind a locked door (sorry no pics). I assume that it's possible for maintenance to get back here to throw all unwanted garbage out into space but I definitely didn't want that.

I called out for help (with no response) and came up with a cunning plan. Little did my assailant know that on a security guard's PDA, I have some control over Officer Beepsky (he's a cop's assistant droid). I was hoping that I'd be able to issue an APB (or it's equivalent) on the guy who did this to me. I was a little mistaken because this is only something that can be done from one of the security terminals. However, I was able to call Beepsky to me. How convenient that he had access to all the doors that I did not. When he arrived, I just followed him all the way out to the main ship again!

By the time I got out, the assailant had caused all sorts of havoc and there was plasma filling the station with the escape shuttle on it's way. He was obviously very proficient at the game and was probably ready to get away (with murder) and the round ended uneventfully for me after that.

One thing I've come to realize is that experiences on servers can be drastically different due to the map layout being different and the group of people playing. Another time whilst playing as a security guard, I was being fairly pleasant, trying to keep the peace and break up fights, while my superiors seemed to get more and more aggressive toward the passengers.

It seemed like anytime there was a slight argument, they'd go and tazer someone and drag their sorry-ass back to the brig and throw them in the cell. As a good inferior security guard does, he obeys and I spent the round doing various errands involving locking people up, removing all their gear and putting it in the evidence locker. At one point, almost all the activity seemed to be going on around the brig with more and more people getting pissed off in OOC for being arrested for no reason.

The busy brig, complete with unhappy prisoners

As it was, I kept out of it and felt like I had an immunity card from all the crap going down because I was "one of the boys".

I became a little disillusioned with my superiors antics and decided to do see what other mischief I could get into. The quartermaster that game was very good at his job (I had previously ordered a weapons crate from him) and I decided to ask him for a blue toolbox (for the screwdriver), a multi-tool and some insulated gloves.

On a previous game (playing as the quartermaster myself), I had watched someone hack a vending machine to give out cigarettes and zippo lighters, light one up and start to smoke it. Apparently, "Space cigarettes taste good like a space cigarette should". I wasn't interested in cigarettes this game but I had spotted a vending machine in the brig that dispensed handcuffs and flash grenades. Just out of curiosity, I wondered what'd happen if I hacked it.

During all the confusion still going on, I achieved a small victory: it now gave out police helmets! Not very exciting but I felt it was like an accomplishment to manage that without guides stepping me through it. If the roboticist gets a helmet and a stun baton (amongst other things), he can make officer beepsky a little friend. I'd try that another time.

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